Sports Programme & Outdoor Learning

Sports Education in Brighton

In line with our Prep School Values, we believe in sport-for-all alongside sport-for-excellence. As such, all children from Year 1 upwards receive coaching in the major school sports as part of the curriculum and are given opportunities to compete against other schools, both local and further afield, according to their enjoyment and ability.

Children in Year 1 & 2 will receive 2 1/2 hours of sports coaching during their school week, while children in Year 3 and above will receive 4 hours per week.

For children who have a particular talent in a specific sport and who wish to maintain their involvement in this year-round, there are a number of options available to families.

Nursery Children in a Swimming Pool

After-School Sports Programme

From 5:00pm each evening a full programme of sports, run by outside providers, takes place on-site at school. This provision is provided by an array of providers who are known to us and who have been vetted for their quality of provision and coaching credentials. This provision is shared with other Cognita Schools and gives additional opportunities for children to meet new friends and to play with a larger group of students. This provision is bookable through the Parent Portal and has an additional charge paid directly to the providers. Brighton College (Singapore) do not provide supervision from school adults during this time and thus, parents will need to be onsite when these take place.

Similar to the above, opportunities to join additional sports activities take place on Saturdays. These can also be booked through the Parent Portal.

Parents or a caregiver must be in attendance during these sessions.


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