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Opening August 2020

For children from 18 months to Year 4, expanding in subsequent academic years to include children up to Year 6, Brighton College (Singapore) offers an ambitious and challenging education, based on the English National Curriculum, in the nurturing and personalised environment of a small Preparatory School. 

We invite you to explore our website to find out more about us and what we offer your family. 

Read the personal welcome message from our Headmaster, who joins us from Brighton College UK. 

A culture of kindness

"Kindness"  noun - the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.

We believe that our greatest accolade is our success in nurturing a community of kind individuals. Kindness is an interpersonal skill that often requires great strength and courage, but which brings huge benefits to an individual’s well-being and the school as a whole. Kindness to us is a deep rooted commitment to our own wellbeing, our peers, our local community and the wider world. 

An outstanding team

The most important school-related factor of a child’s progress is the calibre of their teachers. Passionate teachers challenge and stretch our pupils and inspire a love of learning and subject which will stay with your children throughout their lives. 

We believe that excellent teachers are good learners and we encourage the development of our staff through further education, continual learning and sharing of practice with educators from around the world.

An outstanding team

An ambitious curriculum

Our curriculum objectives are drawn from the English National Curriculum, however, our specific content and method of delivery is designed by our Academic Leadership team to be relevant for our context and to our learners, offering a wide range of relevant experiences and learning opportunities. 

Passionate teachers challenge and stretch our pupils, and as the children grow, we increase the amount of subject specialism learning in appropriate areas culminating in a full specialist model in the Upper Prep School. In and outside of the classroom, pupils are encouraged to explore new disciplines, skills and interests; to give everything a try and in doing so, learn to take risks and to risk failure. 

A bespoke learning environment

Our facilities provide the perfect environment to support learning at every stage of a child’s journey. 

From Early Learning classrooms that promote independence and exploratory learning to innovative science labs and a high tech ‘Maker Lab’, our school is equipped with teaching spaces sure to ignite a spark in every child. 

A bespoke learning environment

Our Heritage

Language Learning

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