School Canteen & Meal Services

Food services for our community

The Brighton College (Singapore) canteen is operated by Sodexo, who provide meals in accordance with the school’s policy for fresh and healthy food. Sodexo is a leading provider of food service to schools and universities around the world and their approach to well-rounded, age-appropriate nutrition builds a foundation for a lifetime love of healthy food.


In the Pre-Prep, a hot lunch is provided for all students which is served family-style. This provision is included in Brighton College (Singapore) fees and the expectation is that all children partake in this healthy and balanced meal.

A rotational menu will be shared on our Parent Portal.



In the Prep School children may choose to bring a packed lunch, which can be eaten in designated indoor spaces or in our garden. Children can also purchase hot lunches from the Sodexo canteen.

For Years 2 to 4, parents can choose lunches in advance and these will be delivered to the Prep School at lunchtime for children to eat in either of the spaces above.

For Year 5 & 6, children can purchase hot lunches either by parents ordering in advance through the Canteen Portal or by children making their own choices in person, at the canteen during their lunch break.

All purchases made onsite are cashless (via a child or parent ID card) which can be topped up and a value automatically maintained via the Parent Portal. Parents making choices for their children in advance via the portal can make payments online.

Information regarding how to order in advance and make payments for lunches will be provided during our parent orientation.


The upcoming Brighton College (Singapore) Parent Café, also managed by Sodexo, is a stand-alone venue with its own menu, and will be a meeting point for parents.


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