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Welcome from the Head Master

During my eight years at Brighton College in the UK, parents often cited the College’s culture of kindness as its most impressive characteristic.  I cannot think of a better accolade for a school.  As well as emulating that focus on kindness, at Brighton College (Singapore) we will also seek to capitalise on our relative small size, with year groups ranging from Pre-Nursery to Year 6 and with a maximum of three classes per year group, to build a nurturing pastoral environment where children feel known, loved and integral to the School community. 

You may already be aware of Brighton College’s academic credentials, it was ranked as the Top Co-educational School in England in 2019 and named Independent School of the Year; at Brighton College (Singapore) we hold similarly high ambitions, namely to be the leading Prep School and centre of British educational excellence in South-East Asia. 

Is this achievable? We believe so: benefitting from the reputation of Brighton College and the School’s appealing location here in Singapore, we have successfully recruited a highly impressive team of Early Years Specialists, General Primary Specialists and Subject Specific Specialists, who will together create an outstanding Primary School environment and offer an unrivalled preparation for Senior School.

In addition to shared values and academic ambition, another important link with Brighton College UK is that their curriculum, which incorporates the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage and English National Curriculum, forms the basis for our own academic provision.  One area where we differ, though, is the priority we give to the teaching of Mandarin: we have a dual language programme running from Pre-Nursery through to Year 1 and this is further supplemented by daily Mandarin lessons from Year 1 upwards. Having learnt Mandarin the hard way by starting ab initio at University, I am keenly aware of what a wonderful opportunity this presents for the boys and girls of Brighton College (Singapore) to become proficient in this key language when their ability to acquire language is at its greatest.

To close, I hope this has proved a helpful introduction to Brighton College (Singapore). Please do explore the website to find out more details and, even better, please do book a tour, it would be our great pleasure to show you around our fantastic classrooms and facilities and to answer any questions you have in person.

Very best wishes


Paul Wilson

Head Master

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