Welcome From The Head of College

At Brighton College (Singapore) we are passionate about providing outstanding opportunities for all of the pupils who are part of our vibrant and engaging community. Our values of kindness, curiosity and confidence, guide us in all that we do here.

Our commitment to academic excellence ensures that our pupils receive exceptional support from our outstanding teachers. We want our pupils to be inspired in all that they do at school, and we strive to foster within them a life-long curiosity about the ever-changing world in which we live.

We believe in a holistic, well-rounded education that nurtures our pupils’ confidence and thereby helps them to develop other qualities such as leadership, teamwork and resilience. Our pupils at Brighton College (Singapore) are able to choose from a diverse range of co-curricular activities, in which they make use of our superb learning environment- and have a lot of fun too!

At Brighton College (Singapore), we also educate our pupils about the power of kindness and we pride ourselves on our exceptional pastoral care, where every child feels known. We believe it is of fundamental importance to create a supportive and nurturing environment so that every pupil can thrive.

Being guided by the educational philosophy and best practice of Brighton College in the UK, (England’s ‘School of the Decade’ according to The Sunday Times), means at Brighton College (Singapore), we are forward looking and innovative, but also recognise the importance of helping our pupils develop those timeless qualities, such as cheerfulness, thoughtfulness, perseverance, and politeness. This blend of the modern and the traditional, means our pupils leave us ready to flourish with the next stages of their lives.

If our ethos resonates with you and you would like to know more about whether we might be the right school for your son or daughter, we warmly invite you to come and visit us at Brighton College (Singapore). We look forward to meeting you.

Nick Davies

Head of College

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Seeing really is believing, which is why we encourage all families considering Brighton College (Singapore) for their children to book a tour with us. Each tour is conducted by our admissions team, providing you with a truly personalised visit.