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Welcome from the Head Master

Brighton College is a Prep School which prides itself on knowing every single pupil really well. Our class sizes and teacher to pupil ratio make sure this can happen. Ask a pupil the best thing about Brighton College Singapore and she or he will likely recount science experiments with rockets, virtual reality journeys through the heart in Science, becoming a scavenger hunter in English or a superhero in French lessons.

Our pupils are curious, they enjoy discovering and they feel confident and resilient enough to try and to learn from their attempts, whether successful or not. Our atmosphere and culture would likely set us apart also; the College is a truly purposeful and friendly school.

Pupils, teachers and families are kind, we support and look after each other, and work together to make a positive difference to a child and society, both now and for the future. It is so important to us that children get the best possible education and the best possible childhood. A multitude of opportunities based on an accelerated curriculum and exciting extracurricular programme means we can give our pupils many chances for that to be the case. 

Andrew Noakes
Head Master

Culture of kindness
Our ambitious curriculum
Our bespoke learning environment