Our School Uniforms

Our uniform supplier is Ten Feet Tall. All items required can be purchased from their store, including school shoes. They offer a full measuring service to ensure all children have the correct uniform by the first day of term. For ongoing uniform purchases, you can drop into their store or may make an appointment via their website.

Ten Feet Tall source the very best quality in uniforms used by many highly reputable British Prep and Senior Schools in the UK. Their clothing manufacturer is the first carbon neutral uniform manufacturer in the UK and is committed to ethical practices and reducing clothing waste by donating end of life uniform stock to Giving World, a registered charity that donates unwanted clothing to some of the World’s poorest communities. Items in our uniform list have been made using the latest technology; each one of our blazers is made from special fibres produced from 36 plastic bottles.

The friendly team at Ten Feet Tall can be contacted via

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