English Language Support (ELS)

Equipping pupils with English Language proficiency and unlock their future


At Brighton College (Singapore), we believe that a strong academic foundation, enabled by a firm grasp of the English Language, sets the foundation for future success and opens doors to global opportunities. By providing a fully immersive and customised approach to language acquisition, our approach builds confidence, encourages curiosity, and enables our pupils to quickly attain proficiency in the language.

Our English Language Support (ELS) supports pupils with beginning English language skills to develop both written and spoken English proficiency, so that they can make and unlock their potential here, at Brighton College (Singapore).

We offer two tiers of support within our ELS provision. If your child requires additional language support, they will be assessed during the admissions process to ascertain their current level of English. An English language screener will be administered with a member of our teaching team to understand your child’s existing proficiency, so as to ascertain the level of support required.


Fully Individualised Approach

Pupils learn at different speeds, and have different needs - a fully customised approach enables pupils to obtain support and instruction in areas that are most beneficial to them.

Dedicated ELS Specialist

Pupils gain push-in, or pull-out support, depending on the context of learning for the day. This means that pupils get the most out of their learning, that can be immediately applied to the classroom context.

An Immersive Environment

A supportive homeroom environment, with opportunities to practice, learn, and interact with peers - it is the most ideal environment for a budding language learner to build confidence and improve proficiency in the language.

Preparatory Course for Primary (Beginner)

The Preparatory Course for Primary School (PCP) Year 1 to Year 6 introduces beginner EAL pupils to Brighton College’s pupil life and curriculum. The program equips pupils with the English proficiency necessary to thrive in Brighton College’s rigorous British curriculum while embodying the school’s core values of kindness, confidence, and curiosity.

Through an intensive term-long program, pupils engage with a British-style curriculum while improving their English skills. Our caring and supportive teachers focus on well-being, ensuring pupils feel valued and encouraged to reach their full potential. The PCP program’s cohort model fosters a strong sense of community, encouraging collaboration and respect for differences. Through a curriculum emphasizing curiosity and inquiry, PCP pupils develop lasting friendships, a deeper understanding of the world, and skills to make a positive difference.

By embodying Brighton College’s core values, the PCP program provides a foundation for pupils to thrive academically and socially, preparing them for success in mainstream classes and beyond.


English Language Support (Intermediate)

Pupils are fully integrated into the classroom and receive support from our team of co-teachers each day. Our English Language Support (ELS)  teachers plan lessons with every year level homeroom teacher so even when they are not in the class, the ELS pupils receive English language support from the class teacher. This is available to pupils enrolling into Year 1 to Year 9, who have an intermediate to high level of English proficiency.

Pupils are placed with a class teacher and will be fully immersed in the year level content, allowing them to learn alongside their year level peers throughout the day. These pupils are taught by their class teachers and subject teachers, along with highly qualified English Language Acquisition teachers.


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