Brighton College Family of Schools

Brighton College (Singapore) will be Brighton College’s fifth international school after Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Bangkok and Dubai each with the aim to become the leading educator in its city.


The Brighton College family of schools provides excellent opportunities for staff and children to share ideas, develop understanding and make personal connections.

Established in 1845, Brighton College is one of England’s leading independent schools for girls and boys aged 3-18.

Brighton College is twice winner of The Sunday Times Independent School of the Year, and in November 2020 was award the title of England’s Independent School of the Decade.

The College regularly achieves the best A-level and GCSE results of any fully co-educational school in the UK, whilst ensuring children enjoy a wealth of co-curricular opportunities.

Renowned for their focus on kindness and developing curiosity through an innovative style of education that encourages children to be a part of society and not apart from it, the schools around the world also excel in art, music, dance, drama and sporting achievements.

Brighton College (Singapore), Brighton College’s fifth international school overseas, is closely connected with the UK founding school and endorse the best traditions of British independent school education.

To know more about Brighton College UK, please visit the school website.

At the core of a Brighton College education is the belief that each child is unique. At Brighton College (Singapore) our philosophy is that children should be encouraged to be first-class versions of themselves not a second-class version of somebody else, within a learning environment which is underpinned by curiosity, confidence and kindness.

We have been delighted by the success of our first four international schools in the UAE and Bangkok, which are regarded as amongst the best in their regions. We have the same ambition for Brighton College (Singapore), which we believe will become one of Singapore’s leading British schools.

Richard Cairns, Head Master – Brighton College UK

The British Curriculum

The Brighton College family of schools adopt the British Curriculum, which is a set of teaching standards followed by the primary and secondary schools in the UK and most British international schools outside of it. The British Curriculum covers a wide range of subjects and is organised into blocks of years called ‘key stages’. The study of most subjects under the curriculum would usually culminate in the sitting of GCSE exams at the end of Key Stage 4. Learn more about our curriculum.

Life at our international schools

Like Brighton College UK, our international schools are preparing pupils for life beyond school. In addition to guiding pupils through applications to the best universities in the world – such as Oxbridge, the Ivy League, and the Russell Group – our schools extend pupils through a forward-thinking curriculum. This includes public speaking lessons, entrepreneurship programmes and Mandarin lessons.

Our shared curriculum means that pupils can easily transition between our schools.

Our schools

About BCIS

Brighton College International Schools (BCIS) works with its partners to replicate Brighton College UK’s extraordinary academic success, its track record of innovation, and its unique warm and supportive atmosphere.