Overseas School Representatives

Please see below for the list of Brighton College (Singapore)’s appointed educational representatives.

Company Name Country/Countries of Representation Contract Start Date Contract End Date
ED-SG Pte. Ltd. Australia, Brazil, Europe, India, South Africa, USA 14-Jan-22 31-Oct-24
Coeus International China 24-Aug-23 23-Aug-24
Link Studies China (Hong Kong, Taiwan), Singapore, Malaysia, USA 25-Aug-23 24-Aug-24
Lezhongda Consultancy Pte Ltd Singapore, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Korea 1-Nov-23 31-Oct-24
International Gakko Asia Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore 18-Mar 24 18-Mar 25
ASE Learning Education Pte. Ltd. Singapore, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia 25-Apr-24 24-Apr-25
Destiny Consultancy Pte. Ltd. China 25-Apr-24 24-Apr-25
Wang Bo Pte Ltd Singapore and China 25-Apr-24 24-Apr-25
EI Holdings Pte. Ltd. China and Asean 25-Apr-24 24-Apr-25
Singa Management Consultants Pte. Ltd. Japan & Singapore 25-Apr-24 24-Apr-25
Goldmine Prosperity Pte. Ltd. Mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Mayanmar, Thailand 26-Apr-24 25-Apr-25
Onwards Education Consultancy Pte Ltd China, Myanmar, Thailand, Combodia 2-May-24 1-May-25