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Our Admissions Team are here to help with any questions you have regarding life at Brighton College (Singapore), as well as to support you through the admissions process.  Please reach out to them at or call them on +65 6505 9790 for their support.

However, you might also like to browse through some of the common questions that we are often asked.

What curriculum are you offering?

Our curriculum programme will be based on the Brighton College UK, Pre-Prep and Prep curriculum, with an increased emphasis on Mandarin.  In these important foundation years from Pre-Nursery to Year 6, we will focus on supporting our pupils as they develop a natural curiosity and passion for learning, as well as providing an academic grounding that will be the key to their success in Secondary School and beyond.

Children in Pre-Nursery to Reception will be taught by early years specialists who follow the Early Years Foundation Stage programme. 

Children in Year 1 to Year 6 will be instructed by highly qualified, passionate and experienced teachers in the English National Curriculum.  

For further details on our curriculum, please click here.

Which languages will be taught?

Mandarin will be a core feature of our curriculum programme. 

In the Pre-Prep years (Pre-Nursery to Year 1), Mandarin will be provided through a dual-language approach in the classroom.  Each class will be led by a native English speaker, supported by a native Mandarin speaker Teaching Assistant.

From Year 1, a daily Mandarin lesson is included in the school day, and our children then graduate from this dual-language environment from Year 2 upwards, continuing with daily Mandarin as part of the core curriculum, streamed according to need.

French will be introduced as a second learnt language from Year 3.

What facilities will your campus have?

Our dedicated learning spaces will include music rooms, science, art and tech spaces for the older children, as well as indoor and outdoor play areas. We will also access shared facilities such as swimming pools, sports fields and sport halls.

For further information, please click here

Where are you located?

Our campus will be located at 1 Chuan Lane, Lorong Chuan (which is in District 19 on the border of Ang Mo Kio and Serangoon, adjacent to the CTE).

For directions and a map, please click here.

When should I apply?

We will be offering limited places during our first year of opening, and as such we encourage early applications from families to avoid disappointment. 

Our Application Form can be downloaded here.  Please read through carefully the additional information that will need to be provided for an application to be considered. 

Once in operation, we will be accepting rolling applications across the school year, subject to availability.

To understand more about our Admissions Process please click here

When can I tour the campus?

Personal tours are conducted daily (Monday to Friday) on a first come, first served basis, by our Head Master, Mr Paul Wilson.

To book a tour, please contact our Admissions Team via or complete our booking form

If you are not able to visit Singapore to tour in person, please contact our Admissions Team to arrange a personal call or virtual online tour with a member of our Academic Leadership Team. 

What are your class sizes and what is the total school capacity?

Brighton College (Singapore) will have a total capacity for 550 pupils total across Pre-Nursery to Year 6.  This equates to 3 classes per year level. 

However, when we open in August 2020 we will be offering a limited number of places across Pre-Nursery to Year 4 (we will grow into Year 5 and 6 in subsequent years).

What year levels are you offering?

Brighton College (Singapore) will be offering classes for children from Pre-Nursery (18 months) to Year 6 (age 11) only.

In our first year of operation (August 2020 - July 2021), we expect to offer classes up to and including Year 4.

What is your admissions criteria?

Brighton College (Singapore) is a selective school; however, we do not select on academic ability alone.  

As part of our Admissions Process we will meet each child and assess their abilities to ensure that we can offer them an environment and programme through which they will thrive. 

Click through to read more on our Admissions Process and our Assessment Criteria

Will you have an EAL (English as an Additional Language) programme?

We welcome applications from all nationalities and aim to support children who are non-native English speakers through our classroom programme.  We will not be providing an additional EAL programme for children at any year level. 

All children will be assessed during the admissions process to ensure that they will be able to access the Brighton College (Singapore) curriculum and thrive in our environment. 

For non-native English speakers, this assessment would include providing us with an understanding of the level of English currently spoken.

Can you support children with special education needs?

While we are pleased to accept applications from a diverse student body, due to the rigour of our curriculum unfortunately we will not be able to support all special educational needs.

Parents should talk through any relevant information about their child with our Admissions Team and this can then be discussed at interview with our Academic Team. 

Can you accept students who require a student pass?

As Brighton College (Singapore) has not yet received EduTrust certification, we are not currently able to accept applications from students who require a student pass to attend school in Singapore. 

Children will need to be a Dependent Pass holder, Permanent Resident or a Singapore National. 

Approval is required from the Ministry of Education (MOE) before a Singaporean student (6 years old and above) is allowed to attend classes at Brighton College (Singapore).

Are you offering boarding facilities?

Brighton College (Singapore) will not be offering boarding services and will not accept students who are living in private boarding houses.

Children enrolled at the school must be confirmed as living with a parent or legal guardian only in Singapore. 

What CCAs will you be offering?

Our CCA programme begins in the Pre-Prep School for children in Reception in Year 1. They take place each evening between 3:30pm and 4:30pm, on an opt-in basis. Parents may choose a range of activities for their child, many of which are free of charge.

Our school day in the Prep School runs from 9:00am - 4:30pm and incorporates a wide range of “extras” as part of our compulsory curriculum.  

All children in the Prep work towards the Pelican Pathway incorporating three strands of school life: 

  • Progress, 
  • Partnership, and 
  • Participation. 

The latter focuses on a child’s willingness to try new ventures and their accomplishments in a broad spectrum of activities, all of which are accessible during the day and at no additional cost to parents. When the school day finishes at 4:30pm, all activities have already taken place. 

For further information on our CCA programme, please click here