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We know that choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will be making right now.

We hope this website and our Admissions Team are providing you with all the information you might need to make an informed choice. 

However, you might also be interested to read below the reasons why from some of our enrolled parents have chosen Brighton College (Singapore) for their children.


Brightonian Parent Ambassadors

We are also happy to connect you with our Brightonian Parent Ambassadors, a team of parents who are happy to share their own experiences in moving to Singapore and choosing a school, including their experience with Brighton College (Singapore).

Speak to our Admissions Team about making a connection with another Brighton College (Singapore) parent.  

Brighton College is a great school because the fantastic teaching and support team care about each individual child and their holistic development.  The UK school has a phenomenal reputation and the group have successfully rolled out this model in other countries already which, in our opinion, makes them experts.

We want our daughters to be supported to reach their full potential but we want them to do so in an environment which is caring and nurturing.  The ethos of the school and quality of the teaching were the deciding factors for us.

Gavin and Emily (Year 2 and Year 4)

It was important for us to find a school that offered a British curriculum so our son can slot back in whenever we return to London. We also wanted to find the right culture fit – friendly and values driven as well as quality teaching.

We contacted several schools and found a range of responses that implied that we weren’t really a priority. Brighton College were totally the opposite - warm, friendly, personable and proactive with coming up with solutions, suggestions and ideas [for our move], as well as a personal tour from the Head Master who was really impressive, approachable and personable.

Ellie and Graham (Year 2)

The whole environment feels warm, safe and welcoming. It’s a small school which we love because our children get more attention and everyone knows their names.

The staff are always kind, patient and caring and the Head Master always makes an effort to walk around and get involved, which just shows you the level of care they have.

Brighton College is hands down the best school to start your little ones learning journey.

Helen (Nursery and Reception)

So far we have felt very much part of the Brighton College community and communication throughout the process has been excellent. We felt a real passion and dedication from the staff at the school and that has influenced our choice. 

We felt that our daughter would be more than just a number on a wait list and we think she will thrive in the learning environment.....enjoying being part of the small school feel but being able to take advantage of the larger campus facilities.

Georgina and Chris (Year 1)