Life @ Brighton – Elliyana

Elliyana, Assistant Teacher (Nursery)

From her favourite way to spend weekends, to her hidden linguistic talent, check out this month’s Life @ Brighton with Elliyana, an Assistant Teacher in Pre-Prep!


Have you lived anywhere else in the world? 

No, I have only experienced the vibrant atmosphere of sunny Singapore, and I love it! I would love to visit Finland though, because that is where my sister lives


What does a typical day at Brighton College (Singapore) look like for you? 

It usually starts with settingup the class and getting materials ready. Sometimes, the day starts with warm cup of coffee before the fun begins.


Did you always want to be an educator? 

I was actually trained to be an early years counsellor in my studies, and I then embarked on being a librarian for 7 years, before switching tracks to become a Teaching Assistant; I love to learn new things and trying out different roles.


Do you have a most memorable teacher moment?

Every moment is valuable and meaningful for me. The most memorable moment was when I was away on maternity leave and a pupil’s mum emailed me saying how much her child missed me and that I had made such an impact on her child’s life. I asked her, how?’ and she told me that her daughter had said, “Reading a book with Ms Elly is the most special time of my day


What makes Brighton College (Singapore) special?

Brighton College (Singapore) is a welcoming school that accepts and respects different cultures, backgrounds, and heritages. The school also contributes back to the wider community through activities like the beach clean-up, and offers plenty of opportunities to connect with each other through open mornings and social gatherings. We also celebrated Cultural Diversity Day which allows us to learn about different countries and their uniqueness. 


What’s your favourite weekend activity in Singapore?

I love going outdoors with my son and husband. Both of them love outdoor play, and so we visit different playgrounds, both indoors and outdoors! We visit the library quite often and also cafe-hop from time to time. 


Fun facts/Special talent about yourself

I am able to understand and speak different languages like Mandarin, Korean, English and Malay.  The next language I would like to learn is Irish. I am also a full-time mum and fulltime friendly colleague so I juggle many hats and I love it. I still love helping out at the library now, and enjoy spending time with friends and exploring different cultures.

Published on 30 June 2023