One of a Kind

Welcome to Brighton College (Singapore)

Most schools deliver an education that promises to equip their pupils with the skills to understand the world around them and to navigate their futures. At Brighton College (Singapore) we believe an education can do much more than that.

Brighton College provides an ambitious and challenging British school education based on the English National Curriculum that is unapologetically focused on primary education and providing an unrivalled preparation for senior school.

Our Prep and Pre-Prep schools create a nurturing and personalised environment where each child is individually known by the whole school community, providing an exceptional foundation for learning for children aged 18 months to 13 years.

The universal Brighton College school culture, driven by our three key common pillars of curiosity, confidence, and kindness makes Brighton the ideal place for families seeking an exceptional standard of international Primary school in Singapore.

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A Culture of Kindness

Kindness to us is a deep-rooted commitment to our own wellbeing, our peers, our local community and the wider world.


Our Outstanding Team

The most important school-related factor of a child’s progress is the calibre of their teachers. Passionate teachers challenge and stretch our pupils and inspire a love of learning and subject which will stay with your children throughout their lives.


An ambitious curriculum

Our challenging and rigorous curriculum gives each child a breadth and depth of knowledge and a wealth of skills with which to understand and question the world we live in.

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A bespoke learning environment

Our facilities provide the perfect environment to support learning at every stage of a child’s journey.

Modern facilities of Brighton College

What parents are saying about us

At the core of a Brighton College education is the belief that each child is unique. At Brighton College (Singapore) our philosophy is that children should be encouraged to be first-class versions of themselves not a second-class version of somebody else, within a learning environment which is underpinned by curiosity, confidence and kindness.

We have been delighted by the success of our first four international schools in the UAE and Bangkok, which are regarded as amongst the best in their regions. We have the same ambition for Brighton College (Singapore), which we believe will become one of Singapore’s leading British schools.

We strongly endorse the best traditions of British independent school education and links with Brighton College UK and the other schools in the Brighton family are strong.

Brighton College turns out good human beings, not just clever ones

There’s a rich vein of kindness and inclusivity running through the school.