Kate Waldron
August 1, 2023

Kate Waldron

Kate comes to Brighton College (Singapore) from Ireland with over nine years teaching experience. She is passionate about music and completed her BA in Music and Linguistics in University College Dublin. She then further enhanced her learning completing a Postgraduate Diploma in primary school teaching in 2014 enabling her to follow her dream to become a primary school teacher.

Kate plays the piano and the saxophone. She has played as part of an orchestra in the Royal Albert Hall in London and the National Concert hall in Dublin. Apart from her interest in music she has a passion for travelling and learning about new cultures. Kate has travelled extensively and has spent several years teaching in Abu Dhabi. Kate volunteered in Lesotho in Africa where she taught children earlier this year in April 2023. She also enjoys swimming and running and has completed the Malaga marathon and several half marathons. She has a keen interest in promoting fitness and has coached both running and athletic clubs in schools.

In the classroom Kate fosters a positive learning environment in which all have the opportunity to express their creativity. She believes that music can nurture children’s confidence and self-expression helping them to discover their own unique voice. She places a high value on adopting a child initiated learning environment that promotes self –discovery, curiosity and fun.

In her spare time Kate enjoys, hiking, yoga and reading. She is looking forward to becoming part of the Brighton College (Singapore) team and experiencing the lifestyle, culture and food of Singapore.