Jessica Little
March 31, 2022

Jessica Little

After graduating with a BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature, Jessica progressed to her Post Graduate Certificate of Education in English at the University of Chichester. Jessica has also attained supplementary qualifications in Teaching English as an Additional Language and Educational Differences.

Jessica has enjoyed working at two excellent prep schools in Surrey, as well as several outstanding senior schools in the same area. Her previous roles include English Subject Coordinator and Pastoral Leader. Further afield, Jessica has explored global opportunities, and she has taught in Abu Dhabi and Dubai: most recently as the Head of English.

Promoting resilience and confidence within all her students forms the basis of Jessica’s personal teaching philosophy. Learners are encouraged to explore new concepts and access higher-order thinking within a supportive, kind and respectful learning community. Whilst maintaining a strong focus on individual progress, Jessica explores the best of English classroom pedagogy to foster a love of reading, and literary analysis, both inside and outside the classroom. Bringing out the best in each student underpins Jessica’s teaching approach to educating.

A dedicated traveller and life-long learner, Jessica has recently discovered rock climbing, which she enjoys, not only for the challenge but to promote well-being and resilience. Jessica is also an advocate of mindfulness and, whenever possible, can be found scuba diving or practising yoga. Jessica believes that helping to inspire future generations to look after their individual, and collective well-being, as well as promoting healthy respect for our environment, is an essential part of an outstanding education.