Bonnie Ward
March 25, 2024

Bonnie Ward

Bonnie graduated from University in Taiwan with a degree in Finance before starting her initial career with a large multi-national in Marketing and Communication. Having completed a MSc in Education Training and Development from Edinburgh University and then a TEFL and certificate in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Bonnie entered the Education sector following a successful 12 years in industry.

Prior to working at Brighton College, Singapore, from 2024 which is her 10th year of international teaching, she held a number of roles in addition to English Language Teacher, as Lead EAL practitioner, House Mistress, Head of Upper School Pastoral, and whole school Parent Engagement Manager.

For 2 years, Bonnie worked supporting students in GEMS Wellington Academy in Dubai, before moving to Harrow Beijing where she taught EAL, held a Day Housemistress Role for 4 years, and specialised in the identification of international student language barriers and associated areas of educational need to improve their attainment.

Being part of the founding team opening Harrow’s new school in Haikou, Hainan, China where she delivered English language support to the mostly Chinese student population, she also led the Secondary pastoral team, including setting up an effective House system. She concluded her 3 years at Haikou in the role of Parent Engagement Manager, helping parents better understand the education journey their child was on.

Bonnie is highly motivated by and most grateful for being a part of international students and their families’ learning journey. Outside of school, she is the mother of 2 teenagers and enjoys baking or exploring the great outdoors with her family in Singapore.