• Pre-Prep curriculum

Children in Pre-Prep follow the Early Years Foundation Stage programme from Pre-Nursery through to Reception, before starting their first year of the English National Curriculum in Year 1. 

Mandarin is an essential part of the curriculum that the children are exposed to as a dual-language programme.  Learn more about the Language Programme at Brighton here. 

Pre-Nursery and Nursery

The happy and confident children who join our Pre-Nursery and Nursery classes will be at the start of their learning journey, curious about their world and with a huge energy to explore. 

At the end of each child's time in our Nursery, they will be fully prepared for their next step to move up seamlessly into the Reception year group.


Our Reception classes will be a welcoming group of children, who are beginning to embark on their first formal years of schooling. Their curriculum will include daily lessons in Literacy and Mathematics. This focused curriculum is strengthened by lessons in PE, Music and Art, which are taught by our specialist teachers who work closely together as part of an involved and caring teaching team.

The children learn to read, write, investigate, count and to support each other. They grow in confidence, make fantastic progress and leap up into Year 1 after this varied foundation year.

Year 1

This first year of the English National Curriculum introduces our pupils to the full range of subjects that they will continue to study until the end of Year 6.  This includes the core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science, as well as Geography, Computing and History.  PE, Music and Art continue to be an essential part of the school week, as well as Mandarin, which is introduced as a subject in its own right. 


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