A One of A-Kind Education

Jump Start Your Child’s Learning Journey

Brighton College (Singapore) provides your child unrivalled preparation for senior school. A stellar culture, ambitious curriculum, exceptional environment, and an outstanding team make Brighton College one of a kind.


Why Choose Brighton College (Singapore)?

Founded on Core Values

Everything we do at Brighton College in Singapore is rooted in our vision and core values. We prioritise kindness, confidence, and curiosity in all we do, and seek to instil these fundamentals in our pupils, enabling them to take full advantage of the next stage of their education.


An Exceptional Learning Programme

We believe in fostering a strong love of learning in our students, equipping them for success in an ever changing world with fewer and fewer boundaries. We provide our students with ample opportunities to expand their knowledge in a wide range of subjects and experiences.

A Trilingual Emphasis

Our children will live in a time where doing business with people from all over the world is commonplace, which is why we emphasise language learning in English, Chinese (Mandarin), and French. We also offer an exceptional EAL programme for non-native English speakers.


Engaging Co-Curricular Programmes

Co-curricular activities form an integral part of a child’s education and development. We encourage our students to participate in as many CCAs as possible. From story club to swimming and Acro hip-hop to STEAM – we offer a wide range of CCAs.

Our World Class Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the ambitious English National Curriculum, from the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) through to Key Stage 2.


Our Pre-Prep curriculum is designed for children aged 18 months to 5 years.
Our Early Year Foundation Stage Curriculum guides children from Pre-Nursery through Reception and our Year 1 Curriculum.



Our prep school curriculum is designed for children of primary school years aged 6 to 11. A strong foundation of subject knowledge is taught in Years 2 to 4, and then a subject specialism model builds in-depth subject knowledge in Years 5 to 9.


Why Hundreds of Parents Have Chosen Brighton College (Singapore)

At the core of a Brighton College education is the belief that each child is unique. At Brighton College (Singapore) our philosophy is that children should be encouraged to be first-class versions of themselves not a second-class version of somebody else, within a learning environment which is underpinned by curiosity, confidence and kindness.

We have been delighted by the success of our first four international schools in the UAE and Bangkok, which are regarded as amongst the best in their regions. We have the same ambition for Brighton College (Singapore), which we believe will become one of Singapore’s leading British schools.

Richard Cairns, Head Master – Brighton College UK

What else makes us unique?

Exceptional Facilities

Our facilities provide the perfect environment to support learning at every stage of a child’s journey. Both our Pre-Prep and Prep School have been separately designed to ensure each is optimal for the relevant learning stage.

Pre-Prep ship1

Small Classes

We believe students learn best in smaller cohorts with dedicated attention, which is why we maintain a 4:1 child to staff ratio for our Pre-Nursery and Nursery, and a maximum of 11:1 child to staff ratio for Years 1 to 8.

An Outstanding Team

One of the most important factors of a child’s progress is the calibre of their teachers. Passionate teachers challenge and stretch our pupils and inspire a love of learning and subject matter which will stay with your children throughout their lives.


A Stellar Reputation

Named School of the Decade by The Sunday Times, Brighton College has a great reputation all around the world. The same ethos, curriculum, and culture is deeply ingrained in our Singapore school.