Ellen Martin, Nursery Teacher
July 13, 2022

Ellen Martin

Ellen is from Ireland and is a qualified Primary School Teacher with a specialism in Language and Literacy. She graduated from Mary Immaculate College, Limerick in 2018 with an Honours Degree.

Her language and literacy specialism has provided her with the skills to support linguistic diversity and instilled her with a in-depth knowledge of teaching phonological awareness and phonics in the Early Years.

Ellen has been an Early Years football coach since 2016. She enjoys using imaginative play to develop children’s physical literacy as well as their cognitive and social development. It is through this experience that Ellen realised her passion lay in Early Years Education.

Ellen has spent the last 4 years teaching a variety of age groups in an International School in her home city of Cork. Ellen is passionate about preparing children to become caring members of a multicultural society with an ethical approach to caring for the environment. Ellen’s goal is to foster in each child an open-mind as well as knowledge and understanding of different values in an atmosphere of critical enquiry and mutual respect.

Ellen uses children’s inquisitiveness and individual interests to create an enquiry-focused classroom. She promotes challenge and engagement through enjoyable motivating experiences. Ellen considers that each child should be an active agent in their own learning. She focuses on fostering each child’s intrinsic motivation through active learning and guided discovery. She believes that early learning takes place through a reciprocal relationship between the adult and the child and a co-construction of meaning.

In her spare time Ellen loves to be active and enjoys hiking, running and paddle boarding. She is looking forward to moving to Singapore and exploring the beautiful scenery and diverse culture that it has to offer.