February 18, 2022

3 Reasons Why Character Education Should Be Introduced From A Young Age

In an ever-changing world, the development of a strong, resilient character is an unchanging requirement. As parents, we all want our children to have the opportunity to develop the personal strengths and virtues that will enable them to go out into the world with the confidence, resilience and self-belief needed to negotiate the challenges and opportunities that life will bring.

The development of character in a child is the responsibility of all those who come into contact with them, and not surprisingly your child’s teacher will be a major influencing force. However, not all schools explicitly teach Character Education from a young age, and even if certain aspects do feature during the school day, these fundamentals are often not taught through dedicated lessons, and as such critical signposting can be missed.

Curious to know more? Here are three key reasons why good schools include Character Education as a core component of their curriculum:

1. Early Exposure To Character Education Values From Young Matters

Exposing children to Character Education as a concept from a young age provides a natural foundation in understanding key virtues that build character, such as resilience, happiness, kindness, determination. By understanding each characteristic and becoming familiar with their names, children learn to identify why they are being encouraged to behave in a certain way. The consistent reinforcement and practice of these virtues at school or at home then naturally instills life-long positive character traits.

2. Character Education Helps Identify Dangers In Society

In today’s society, young people can be exposed to negative influences through various platforms (e.g., television, the internet, peers etc.). By developing strong character virtues from a young age, children become equipped with the skills and knowledge to identify what these dangers are and mitigate them properly. Through this, they are also more likely to understand when and where to go for help, if faced with a situation that makes them or a friend feel uncomfortable.

3. Character Education Supports Academic Ambition

Character Education can also help your child with their academic studies. Values such as responsibility and diligence are a key part of a good Character Education programme. When these values are taught and instilled from a young age, they become second nature to your child, and will follow them into adulthood. When applied consistently in the classroom, or on the sport field, barriers to self-belief can be broken down, leading your child to achieve more than they originally thought possible.

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